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Wheel Barrow


1. Product Description: Wheel barrow is one of the essential tools in the construction industry.  It is used to move dirt, soil, sand any material from one place to the other.  In construction works where heavy duty machines are hot employed, earth moving and similar works are done using spades, shovels and wheel barrows.  The three hand tools improve the productivity of labor in construction works.


2. Rationale: Like most other construction hand tools, the Amhara Region imports wheel barrows from other parts of the country of from abroad.  But if the Region has to accelerate its social and economic development, it has to be self- sufficient in the production of basic construction hand tools like wheel barrow.  Assembled wheel barrows take a lot of vehicle space to transport and as a result they are difficult and relatively expensive to transport.  This alone necessitates the need to establish a wheel barrow fabrication and assembly plant.  The Amhara Region can not go on importing some essential products especially such simple capital goods items as wheel barrow.


3. Market Potential: The current civil works activities such as construction of roads, buildings, small irrigation schemes, soil conservation, water and forestry development will continue with hopefully, increased tempo.  This requires the use of thousands of wheel barrows in the whole Region.  The present and future need for wheel barrows will make the establishment of a wheel barrow fabrication and assembly plant viable.


4. Source of Raw Material:  Import


5. Production Process & Technology:  A wheel barrow is essentially made of three components- the metal sheet where the load is placed, the two hollow metal handles and the four curved “legs” and the wheels.  The metal sheet will be fabricated in such a way that it takes the required shape, the hollow metal handles and the “legs” will be heat treated to gain the required shape.  The metal sheet and the handles and legs will be joined either by soldering or by riveting.  The wheel will be attached with the rest of the body in the appropriate place.


6. Estimated Investment: Birr 360,000


7. Benefits:  self sufficiency in an important construction hand tool.


8. Location: Combolcha, Bahir Dar.