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Home based businesses

20 Home Based Business Ideas

1.  Computer and photocopier repair. Universities especially host numerous computers and photocopiers that are scrapped for simple problems. This is because computers are bought every year.If you are the person everyone calls when they have a computer problem, turn this into a business and start getting paid for fixing fatal errors.

2. Tutoring. You can start a business tutoring students by advertising at schools and in places frequented by families.


3. Consulting. If you are an expert in your industry, such as finance, marketing, or mediation, consider beginning your own consulting business.


4. Accounting. There are many franchises and opportunities available for certified public accountants.


5. Web design. If you can design quality Web sites, consider turning your skills into a home-based business. Although the software and hardware costs can be steep, good Web designers tend to be well-compensated for their efforts.



6. Internet based research: An increasing number of companies are relying on Internet information sources and databases for information they need. If you are skilled at finding information and know how to use a variety of online databases and sources, you can offer your own Internet Research Service.


7. Photography. If you are skilled with a camera, you can open your own photography studio in your home. Keep in mind that you will need space to shoot the pictures as well as a light-free space for a darkroom if you decide to process your film and print your photographs yourself.


8. Wedding planner. If you are an ace at organizing important events and have a Rolodex full of contacts, consider becoming a wedding planner. There are numerous online certification courses online, including one from Weddings Beautiful.


9. Cleaning service. If you are good at cleaning, consider offering your services to others.

10. Child-care services: Turn your expertise with children into a home-based day-care center. Be sure to stay abreast of your state’s regulations and insurance requirements for this type of business. 

11. Computer trainer

12. Language instructor

13. Temporary secretory

14. GRE,SAT tests trainer