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Urban Amusement and Recreation Park


  • Product Description:- Amusement and recreation parks are places where there are different physical facilities installed for the purpose of giving amusement and recreation services for children and adults. Such facilities include various types of playing machines such as dummy riding horses, cars, trains, big rotating circular structures with secured seats for children, simulating machine guns, missiles, rockets with different targets to “hit”. They also include sporting and physical fitness facilities such as swimming pools; table and ground tennis courts and others.

  • Market Potential:- Since government decentralization, some urban areas in the country are expanding fast and their population is increasing rapidly. Bahir Dar is one example in the Amhara region which is expanding at higher growth rate. Urban areas with large population need various types of services. People want to enjoy outdoor amenities with their children. Adults want to take different physical exercises and their children want to play with different playing materials. That is why there are many and large amusement and recreation parks in all cities in developed countries. Addis Ababa has started building such facilities on a larger scale during the last ten years. In the Amhara Region, cities like Bahir Dar, Gondar and Dessie have large population to create enough demand for services to be provided by small scale amusement and recreation parks.

  • Major Inputs:- Major inputs needed will be various types amusement and recreation facilities, a large plot of land where these facilities have to be built and installed.

  • Process and Technology:- The main activities will be preparing the ground; installing infrastructures such as water, power, drainage and roads; building and setting up the various amusement and recreation facilities. 

  • Investment:- total investment for the first phase may not be more than Birr 500,000. Expansion will take place based on demand.
  • Benefits:- improves the social life of the city, introduces children to “prototypes” of modern technology, improves the physical well-being of adults.
  • Location:- Bahir Dar, Dessie, Gondar.