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Convention/Conference Centers


  1. Product Description:- Convention/Conference centers are physical facilities which include buildings, office furniture and fixtures and other equipment. These physical facilities are used to conduct conferences, meetings, symposiums, workshops, conventions, etc. The conferences or the other forms of meetings could be international, national or regional. the availability of well designed and well equipped convention/conference centers in a given city with good hotel accommodations and transport services easily attracts many conferences, meetings and other large gatherings of people. These conferences and meetings will bring money to the cities where they are held. Conference participants, media people, security personnel and others will spend money in the cities for different purposes Money is paid for hotel accommodations, restaurants, transport service providers, shops, etc. The income that conferences, conventions workshops, and other gatherings generate to a city expands economic and social activities in  that particular city. This creates employment, increases income of the people. It is because of such and similar benefits that many cities in developed and developing countries build large convention/conference centers and encourage investors to establish standard hotels and restaurants.


  1. Market Potential:- Up to now Addis Ababa is the only city in the country which has international standard convention/conference centers and these centers are owned by the UN Economic commission for Africa (ECA) and by the African Union (All). These two centers can serve for international, national and regional conferences and conventions. Some federal government agencies and a few hotels in the capital have some facilities for holding some types of meetings. In recent years some regional capitals have built facilities which can serve as conference/convention centers. However, only one or two meet the basic requirements of a conference/convention centers.                                                                                                                 


Addis Ababa, being the headquarters of ECA, OAll and other continental and sub-regional organization hosts many conferences, workshops, and meetings etc. every year. As the only city with conference centers, Addis Ababa monopolizes all regional, international and national meetings being held in Ethiopia every year. If other regional capitals build convention/conference facilities of required standards, there will be opportunities for hosting some of the conferences, workshops and other meetings in regional capitals. Located at the shore of banks of the Lake Tana and the Blue Nile River, Bahir Dar has the highest potential for becoming a venue for international, national and regional conferences and other types of meetings. Bahir Dar is less than one hour flight from Addis. With its natural beauty, the city can be an attractive place to host conferences, seminars, conventions etc. provided it has well designed and equipped conference centers as well as high standard hotels and restaurants.


  1. "Source of raw material":- The main objective of this project idea is to build conference/convention center in Bahir Dar to attract international, national and regional meetings. As such the main source of raw material.


  1. “Process and Technology" :- Like a manufacturing entity, there is no description of process and technology for a project idea which aims at establishing a conference center. In the context of a conference center "process and technology" refer to the construction and equipping of a building which will be suitable for holding conferences and other meetings and the provision of the necessary services in the conduct of the conferences. The technology aspect includes all the necessary equipment, tools, machinery, instruments, furniture and fixtures needed to organize and excuite conferences, seminars, workshops, etc


  1. Estimated Investment:-  For a conference center which will have a plenary hall with a seating capacity of 500 people and other meeting or committee rooms, total floor area will be 1500m2 Investment cost will be 


§  Building 1500 m2 at Birr 2000/m2      = Birr  3,000,000

§  Conference furniture and fixtures.     = Birr     400,000

§  Other civil works..........................      = Birr     500,000

                                                                        Total            = Birr 3,900,000


6. Benefits:- Stimulates tourism in the region, generates income to the region's businesses such as hotels, restaurants, transporters,