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Establishment of a Zoo at Bahir Dar


  1. Product Description:- Zoo which is also know as zoological garden or zoological park, is an establishment devoted to the exhibition, preservation and study of animals. Even though many people visit zoos for entertainment, zoos are also used to teach the public about animal behavior and natural habits.


  1. Rationale:- A zoo plays a role in the conservation of endangered (in danger of extinction) animals by developing innovative breeding methods to maintain the species that are in danger of extinct or decline. It offers a variety of opportunities that teach the behavior and natural history of zoo animals and their wild counter-parts. It will give the opportunity to the educated young people () young scientists) of the Region to participate in the programs of breeding animals in the zoo. These young scientists will protect animal habits in the wild and carry out research that advances knowledge of animal biology in the Region. The zoo will also introduce people to their local wildlife by offering valuable learning experience. Children can learn abut the work involved in keeping animal and about the differences between domestic and wild animals.  


  1. Market Potential:- The Amharic region has various opportunities of tourist attraction, and many visitors come to the Region from different countries every year. There are also people from Addis Ababa and from other regions who visit the historical places and natural attractions such as Fasiledes (Gondar), Lalibela, the Blue Nile Water Fall (Chis Abay), Lake Tana, etc. The visitors form other countries and from other Part of Ethiopia will be interested to visit the rare creatures that come from different areas.


  1. Sources or raw Materials:- The main sources of animals for the Zoo will be other zoos and parks in the country, and the zoos of neighboring countries, like Kenya can also be possible sources for the new Zoo to be established in the Region.


  1. Production process and technology:- The zoo to be instituted will need different kinds of animals (species) for breeding. These animals will be brought from other zoos and parts. After collecting the animals, breeding and domesticating the animals will take place.


  1. Estimated Investment cost:- The establishment of the zoo will require a minimum area of about 1500 m2  whose cost will be Birr 6,000,000. Other costs such as collecting the zoo animals from other zoos and transporting and other costs will be about Birr 3,000,000. The estimated total cost, therefore, will be about Birr 9,000,000


  1. Benefits:-  It creates employment opportunity for the growing labour force in the Region. There will be earning for the investors in the form of profit. It will generate revenue for the Regional State in the form of income tax and VAT.


  1. Location:- Bahir Dar.