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Training Center for hotel and Restaurant Services


1.     Product or Service Description:- Preparation of foods (cookery) drinks, provision of different types of services in hotels and restaurants are essential for the success of such enterprises. The foods must be clean; tasty, fresh and must be presented in pleasant manner and style in which every thing is clean and net. To do this, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias and other catering businesses must have well trained workers in all sections of operation starting from the house cleaner to the manager. 



2.     Market Potential:-  Here ‘market potential refers to the need of giving training to almost all workers of hotels and restaurants in the whole Region. This need arises from the fact that practically all people working in hotels and restaurants do not have any rudimentary training in the works they are engaged. It is not unusual where a cleaner becomes a cook after a certain period of cleaning in the kitchen of a certain hotel or restaurant in the region. Probably this is not unique for the Region. It happens also in other regions. But the level of hotel and restaurants services in the Region is, admittedly, much below the standard of some other Regions. This is especially true in the western parts of the Region. There could be many reasons and causes for the poor food and service provided by hotels and restaurants of the Region. There is no need to mention all these reasons and causes, The end result is that there is a strong need to give training in food preparation, hotel and restaurant services for practically and workers of hotels and restaurants operating in the Amhara Region. The need for this training is not limited to the major urban centers, it includes all towns (small and large) of the Region. To put it bluntly, the Amhara Region is behind many other Regions in the provision of high standard services in hotels and restaurants. To catch-up with the rest of the country in these areas, a massive training should be given to hotels and restaurant workers throughout the Region.



3.     Process:- The process of providing these trainings starts with the acquisition of a  training facility. Once this is acquired, recruiting of trainers and securing training furniture and fixtures will follow. Recruiting trains and conducting the training will be the final stages of the process. To get enough number of trainees per training cycle, and effective marketing strategy should be in place, since during the first phase owners of hotels and restaurants will not see the advantage of sending their workers to the trained.


4.     Estimated investment: For an outfit that will train about 1000 hotel and restaurant workers per year, the Estimated investment will be:-

§  Building 700 m2 at Birr 2000/m2                    = Birr  1,400,000

§  Furniture and fixtures.                                                = Birr     500,000

§  Working capital                                               = Birr     300,000

                                                      Total              = Birr     2,200,000


5.     Benefits: Stimulates the growth of catering business in the Region, increases customers satisfaction.

6.     Location: Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dessie