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Training Center for Hotel & Restaurant Management


  1. Product or Service Description:- The center will train people in practical hotel and restaurant management and administration. Trainees will be those who will work at every level of the hierarchy in the management of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, pastries and other catering enterprises.
  2. Market Potential:- Because of its location in the interior part of the country, the Amhara Region has been late to be exposed to western type of catering business. Cities like Dire Dawa, Harar, Nazreth. Addis Ababa have been the first urban centers in the country to be influenced by western style of handling catering business. As a result these urban centers have developed a culture better suited to the relatively efficient management of hotels, restaurants and other catering enterprises. On the other hand, urban areas in the Amhara Region have been late in their acquaintance to the management and administration of hotels, restaurants and other similar enterprises. As a result, there are many problems facing the operations of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. the main cause for these problems. is the fact that personnel at every level of hotel and restaurant management have not taken basic training in the management of these and similar enterprises. The end result of all this is that compared to other major regions, the services provided by hotels, restaurants, etc are relatively poor. This can be confirmed when one observes how hotel and restaurant management staff and personnel handle customer complaints, requests, and issues related with hotel hospitality and reception. Personnel are indifferent, negligent, in some cases rude, arrogant and in general inefficient. The whole operations of hotels and restaurants are bellow accepted standards. The level of cleanness and hygiene of utensils by which food and drinks are served, of bed rooms, toilets, eating and drinking halls, even the clothing and general appearance of workers is poor to say the least.


To improve the quality of hotel and restaurant services and at least to raise these services up to the national standard, basic training in hotel and restaurant management and administration should be given throughout the Region on a regular basis.


  1. Process and Technology:- The process starts with the construction or renting of a building to undertake the training on regular basis. Once this is accomplished, employing trainers, purchasing training furniture and fixtures will follow. Recruiting trainees and conducting the training on a regular basis will be the final process. Training cycles could be 3 month, 6 month, one year and two years depending on the specific subjects to be given in the training.


  1. Estimated investment:- To train at least 200 people in basic hotel and restaurant management per year, the investment requirement will be:-

§  Building 400 m2 at Birr 2000/m2                    = Birr    800,000

§  Furniture and fixtures.                                               = Birr    400,000

§  Working capital                                               = Birr     300,000

Total              = Birr 1,500,000


  1. Benefits:- Improves the performance of the catering business in the Region, increases customers satisfaction, stimulates the expansion of the hotel, restaurant and other related businesses in the Region.


  1. Location:- Bahir Dar for the western part of the Region and Dessie for the eastern part.