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Training Center for Tour Guides


1. Product Description:-The proposed training center will be a commercial venture which will give intensive and quality training for tour guides, hosts and hostesses in hotels and restaurants and other places where tourists use. The objective of the training will be to enhance the quality of services provided by this group of people so that tourists are happy during their stay in the Region as well as in the country.

2. Rationale:-  the growing number of tourists in the country require different services from the host countries. The most important of these services are tour guide services, services to be given at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops by hosts and hostesses. Up to now the training of these personnel was not given proper recognition and attention. Tour guides simply become tour guides without taking any training what-so-ever. Hosts and hostesses do not take training that focuses on the need of foreign tourists. In fact in the Amhara Region waiters in hotel and restaurants do not nave proper training for the job they do? They learn their trade by trail and error and also by making not a small number of guests angry and frustrated. Guests who are nationals of the country might tolerate this situation, but foreign tourists take a very low opinion about the country and its people for the poor services of a few tour guides, hosts and hostesses. They also tell about the poor services to other potential tourists in their countries. In this way, the country’s image is tarnished and potential tourists are discouraged from coming in the country. One main solution for this is to give intensive and quality training to tourist guides, hosts and hostesses in the region.


3. Market Potential:- The center that will give this necessary training can be a private training center or it can be operated by the concerned public agency of the region. The training center can cover its operating expenses by charging training center lump sum or monthly fees. The training may not take one whole year. It can be done during certain months. As there are no trained tour guides, hosts and hostess in the region, there will be large number of these people who will take the training. If the training is made a requirement, there will be more potential trainees in the region. The training should be given in Bahir Dar, Gondar and Lalibela.

4. Main Inputs:- Good and experiences trainers, training facilities such as classrooms, training materials and equipment etc.


5. Process:- Training program including training materials will be prepared. Trainees will be selected from potential candidates. Some type of entrance examination should be given to classify and group the trainees. Training program will be conducted.


6. Estimated Investment: For the first phase no training building will be required. Total investment will not be more than 80,000.


7. Location: Bahir Dar, Gondar and Lalibela.