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Wild Life Parks/Sanctuaries


1        Service to be provided:- Wild life parks or game reserves are places reserved and protected for undisturbed living space for wild animals, in the African context for animals like elephants, lions, giaraffe, zebras, etc. Wild life parks in East and southern Africa attract million of tourists every year making the countries earn large amount of foreign exchange resources and creating employment for many people. The parks are protected by law from encroachment by people and domestic animals In kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and other southern and eastern African countries there are huge tracts of land where wild animals roam in thousands. The purpose of this project idea is, therefore, to establish game reserves or wild life parks in appropriate localities in the Amhara Region.  


2        Market Potential:-  up to the first quarter of the last century, many parts of the now Amhara Region especially the lowlands(along river valleys) and the areas along the Sudan boarder were sanctuaries of many types of wild animals mostly large mammals. With population increase and further deforestation, most of those wild animal sanctuaries in the low land areas were converted to livestock grazing areas or farms. As a result the wild animals except the monkeys and apes were decimated through uncontrolled hunting, lack of shelter and lack of food especially in the low land areas of the region. In the boarder areas, there were large numbers of wild animals until the 1960's and 70's. But their number was decreasing for reasons mentioned above. Today, there are few animals like lion, elephants and some. others along the Ethio-Sudan boarders. If certain areas along the boarder are reserved for wild animals, the remaining wild animals will migrate to these protected areas. In a short period of time their number will increase to make the protected areas a wild life reserve or park. This is how the wild life parks in other parts of the country were established and developed. Once new parks are established in suitable areas in the Amhara Region, the development of other infrastructures such as access roads, lodges and restaurants will follow. Currently tourists come to the Region mainly to visit our religious, historical and natural heritage. The establishments of wild life parks in the Region will make tourists stay more in the region and will also attract additional tourists who are interested in wild life.


3        Process of Establishing the Parks:- A survey has to be undertaken to determine which localities in the Region have the highest potential of becoming wild life parks. Main criteria for the first phase evaluation will be the presence of wild life (animals) in the area, absence of human settlement and agricultural activities around the potential areas. Once these areas are identified, additional criteria will be developed to select one or two sites where wild life parks will be developed. The development of the sites will entail the protection of the sites from human interference, provision of adequate water and food supplies within the parks establishing observation center in the sites, if necessary bringing in some wild animals from other areas of similar climatic conditions.


4        Estimated Investment:- The main investment will be preparation of the area so that it becomes more habitable to the wild animals, transporting and stocking the park with additional wild animals, building water points for the animals, constructing feeder roads, foot paths for visitors, establishing lodges and restaurants. At this stage, it is difficult to make a bread down of the cost of investment. However, total investment will be about Birr one million.


5        Benefits:- Will attract more domestic and foreign tourists hence brining in money to the region and creating employment.


6        Location:- Possibly in the western parts of the Region.