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Aluminum Frames Making Plant


1.      Product Description: Aluminum frames and profiles are building material products made from aluminum. The products are used for doors, windows for making water tanks, for show cases etc. aluminum products are popular because they are popular because they are light, strong and they do not rust.

2.      Market Potential: The demand for aluminum frames are profiles is related with the expansion of the building industry. As stated in other relevant project ideas, there has been a huge expansion in the building industry during the last 10-14 years in almost all parts of the country. Along with it, the uses of aluminum frames and profiles have been also expanding. Today, it is common to see many residential houses, and multistory buildings being fitted with aluminum frames and profiles. As a result of increased demand for these products, many enterprises which produce the frames and profiles are established in Addis Ababa. Having more than a quarter of the country’s population and similar size of the economy, there is enough demand for aluminum profiles and frames which can justify the establishment of a aluminum profiles and frames making plant in region. 


3.      Source of Raw Material: Aluminum sheets and bars which will be imported.


4.      Process and Technology: the min process is similar to any metal fabrication operations. It involves cutting, bending, jointing, folding, etc. of aluminum sheets and bars. The main machines required include shearing machine, bending machine, welding machine, grinding machine and some auxiliary tools.


5.      Estimated Investment: for a plant that will produce 200 tons of aluminum frames and profiles per year, the estimated investment will be

a.       Fixed capital                           9,500,000

b.      Working capital                         900,000


6.      Benefits: Facilitates the expansion of the building industry of the region

7.      Location: Combolcha, Bahir Dar