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Bolts and Nuts Making Plans


1. Product Description: Bolts and nuts are one group of industrial fasteners extensively used in all branches of production activities.  They are used in the production of all types of physical products especially made from metal and wood.  Bolts and nuts are mostly made from mild steel, but in small quantities they can also be made from other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Bolts and nuts have different sizes, shapes and can be made for different fastening purposes.  They can be manufactured either by cold or hot process.


2. Rational: These products are extensively used in all types of production and construction activities.  Annual consumption of nuts and bolts is in tens of thousands of tons in our country.  All the nuts and bolts that the economy of our country needs are imported.  But it is possible both technically and financially to produce these important products in our country.  Manufacturing bolts and nuts in a country is part of an effort to build an engineering or machine tools industry in the country.  This project idea is an attempt to trigger the desire of both policy makers to promote and encourage potential investors to seriously consider the establishment of a bolt and nuts making factory.


3. Market Potential:  During the last four years average annual imports of nuts and bolts were 40,000 tons.  This quantity alone can justify the establishment of a bolts and nuts producing plant.  With increasing demand for these products, there is increasing need for such a plant.


4. Source of Raw Material:  Nuts and bolts are made from bars of different metals like mild, steel brass, copper, aluminum, etc. These inputs will be imported.


5. Process & Technology: There are basically two types of processes for the manufacture of nuts and bolts-cold process and hot process.  This project idea considers the hot process type technology.  In this process, after cutting to a fixed length, bars of metals are shaped by heating into such shapes as hexagonal, square, square neck, round head, etc.  types of nuts and bolts.  Main plant and machinery include automatic double stroke, cold heading machine, automatic bolt head trimming machine, slotting machine, thread rolling machine, pointing and facing machine, heat treatment furnace, nuts forming, punching and chamfering machine, nut tapping machine, and tumbling barrels for cleaning and polishing.


6. Estimated Investment:  For a plant which will produce about 50 tons of nuts and bolts, estimated investment will be:

§         Building 300m2 at Br.  1500/m2         = Br. 450,000

§         Machinery                                          = Br. 421,000

§         Working capital                                   = Br. 300,000

                                                                               Br. 1,171,000


7. Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, provides essential inputs to the construction, transport, manufacturing sectors of the Regions economy, and introduces new skills and technology to the Region.


8. Location: Combolcha