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Curtain Rails, Stoppers & Runners


  1. Product Description: These are products made form steel bars and sheets which are used for hanging curtains in houses, offices, apartments, etc.


  1. Market Potential: All the curtain rails, stoppers, and runners used in Ethiopia are imported. With the booming building industry going on in the country, the demand for these home interior decorating materials has increased substantially. Producing these materials only requires fabrication (bending, cutting, grinding…) of the metal bars and sheets which are imported. As many fabrication operating the production of these materials is not subject to the rules of economies of scale. They can be produced in small workshops with limited sets of machines or they can be manufactured in large factories where there are huge production machinery and equipment. Considering the building construction activities being undertaken in the Amhara Region, a small plant which will produce curtain rails, stoppers and runners to satisfy the Regional market is needed.  


  1. Source of Raw Material: The main inputs are steel bars/rods and sheets. These will be imported


  1. Process and machinery- The process a mainly involves the cutting, bending and grinding of the steel rods or sheets. As hearing machine, grinding and bending machines are required.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a small plant which will produce about 1000 tools of rails, stoppers and runners, the investment cost will be

Ÿ        Buildings 200m2 at Br. 2000/m2 =     400,000

Ÿ        Machinery                                               200,000

Ÿ        Working capitals                                      200,000


  1. Benefits: Promotes self-sufficiency, saves foreign exchange


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha, Debre Birhan