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Draft (Drawing) Machine Making Plant



1.         Product Description:  A drafting machine consists of a protected head around which revolves a square with two detachable scales permanently fixed at right angles to each other.  The unit is fixed to the drawing board by a double parallelogram of bars which maintained its parallelism in every position on the board.  A drafting machine performs all the functions of set square, T-square, and parallel rule protractor.



2.         Rationale:  Drawing instruments used by students, draftsmen, engineers and other professionals come in different forms and sizes.  All the drawing instruments used throughout the country are imported.  Most of the instruments are made from plastics and some are made from metals.  It seems strange that at least some attempts have not been made to make some types of drafting instruments in the country.  A drafting machine is used in all technical schools, colleges, universities and in engineering offices of the country.  With the expansion of technical schools and colleges in the country, the demand for drafting machine is increasing every year.  It is time that the country starts producing at least some engineering design and mathematical instruments for domestic consumption.  Production of drafting machine is one that should be promoted to make the country self-sufficient in this important engineering tool.



3.         Market Potential: In 1996 E.C. there were more than 40,000 students in engineering related fields in the Technical and Vocational Education program of the country.  This figure will grow as more students from secondary schools join the program-which means the demand for drafting machines and other technical and engineering instruments will also increase.  In addition to the need of drafting machine by vocational students, there is also the demand for the product by engineering students of the country and by technical professionals who are engaged in design and drafting works.  All in all, annual demand for drafting machine may range between 60,000 to 80,000 per year.  This will justify the establishment of a plant which will make drafting machines.


4.         Source of Raw Material:  Most the inputs for making drafting machine will be imported.


5.         Process and Technology:  Some parts of the drafting machine like the drawing board, transparent acrylic scales, castings for balancing weight, machine faces and rocking arm can be imported or obtained from the market for the first phase of operations.  Other parts like protractor head, adjustable drawing table stand, parallelogram arms bars etc will be fabricated in the unit.  These components require operations like casting of aluminium, milling, turning, general machining and polishing etc. on high precision equipment.  Finally all the components procured from out-side and fabricated in the unit/plant are to be assembled. Main machinery required are center lathe, pipe bending machine, bench drilling machine, circular graduating fixture, painting equipment, bench vice, and hand tools.


6.         Estimated Investment:  For a plant which will produce about 20 drafting machines per month, the required investment will be as follows.

§        Building/shade 100m2 at Birr 1500/m2          = Birr 150,000

§        Machinery                                                   = Birr 100,000

§        Working Capital                                          = Birr 100,000



7.         Benefits: Promotes self-sufficiency, enhances quality of technical education, saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, and introduces new skills and technology.

8.         Location:  Any urban center preferred by the investor.