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Galvanized Iron Sheet Products Making Plant

1. Product: A wide range of essential product items can be fabricated in an establishment equipped with basic processing facilities.  The envisaged plant could produce dustbins, storage bins, buckets, bath tubes, gutters etc from galvanized iron sheet. 


2. Rationale: The need for products produced from galvanized iron sheets is very high both in urban and rural areas of the region.  Dust bins are used for litter collection, storage bins for grain and other products storage, buckets for carrying water and other liquids, bath tubs for washing and bathing and gutters for drains in construction.  These items are relatively bulky and can be transported to distant markets at high transport cost.  It is very important to manufacture these products in the region. 


3. Market: There is high demand for GI products both in rural and urban areas of the region.  The population uses them for different purposes. Presently the demand is not satisfied and some of the goods are imported mostly to the region from far places like Addis Ababa.  The establishment of GI products manufacturing unit will resolve the supply problem. 


4. Supply of Raw Materials: The main raw and auxiliary material need for GI products making are:

-         Mild steel sheets of different gauges (of dust/storage bins)

-         Mild steel rods (for bucket handles).

-         Mild steel angles (for storage bin bottom rings)

-         Galvanized iron sheets (for bath tubs, buckets storage bins)

-         Pipe fittings and taps (for both tubes)

-         Welding material

-         Rivets

-         Paints. 


5.  Production Process and Technology: (a)Process Production of the range of GI products involves basically the process of shearing, rolling, rounding (circle cutting, bottom forming, welding/riveting, assembly/fitting of also handles, bids hinges, rings, finishing painting etc) and inspection.


b)  Production Equipment

-  Shearing machine                    - Rivet machine

- Circle cutting machine   - Bench drill

- Bar bending equipment             - Painting equipment

- Bar cutting equipment       - Other (measuring instrument hand tools,  work

- Presses                                       tables ... etc)

-   Welding set


6.  Estimated investment: is from Birr 200,000 + 350,000= Birr 550,000 


7.  Location:  Bahir Dar, Combolcha.