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Metallic Doors, Windows & Frames


1. Product Description:  Metallic doors and   windows and metal frames have become more and more popular in urban and even in rural areas.  They are increasingly replacing wooden doors and windows because they are relatively leas expensive and easily accessible sine they can be fabricated even in small urban centers when there is electric power.


2. Rationale: The use of metal doors and windows must be encouraged since this will save trees from being cut down for timber production- which further aggravates the process of deforestation in the Region.  It is better to conserve and develop our natural resources and generate foreign exchange that will substitute the use of our natural resources.  The use of metal doors and windows is one by which we save our natural resource-forests at the expense of spending foreign exchange for importing the metal input.  But the foreign exchange used to buy the metal could be generated by exporting products to be obtained from various natural resources.  In addition, metal doors and windows are stronger and last longer than wooden doors and windows.



3. Market Potential:  Any body who is familiar with the rural and urban housing situations in the Amhara Region can easily realize the magnitude of need of metal doors and windows in the whole Region.  If we leave aside rural homes, most homes in urban areas need better and stronger doors and windows.  Besides, new houses and other buildings are being built in almost all urban areas of the Region.  Though there are units which fabricate metal doors and windows in many of the urban centers of the Region, the doors and windows they produce are below acceptable standards.  Their measurements are faulty, their design, welding, grinding, painting etc are crude and of poor quality.  Consequently the final products are of inferior quality.  Dissatisfied with local production of doors and windows, many home builders and almost all contractors purchase metal doors and windows manly from Addis Ababa and to a limited extent from Bahir Dar.  This indicates that there is a good market for doors and windows with good quality (which include precise measurements, attractive and fine design, quality and strong welding, fine and smooth grinding and attractive and appropriate painting- all with sturdy framework)


 4. Source of Raw Material: Import


5. Production process & Technology:  The doors and windows are to be fabricated from metal products known as T-shape, L-shape Z- shape, etc.  Designs are made, physical measurements are taken.  Parts are cut according to sizes, welded and ground finally, the product is coated with anti-rust and painted after locks and keys are fitted.  Main machinery and tools include drilling machine, workshop tools, double ended grinder, flexible shaft grinder, welding set.


6. Estimated Investment:  For a capacity of 10 tons of doors and windows per month, investment will be:-

Buildings 100m2 at Birr 1000/m2 = Birr 100,000

Machines & tools                          = Birr 100,000

Working capital                                       50,000

Total             250,000


7. Benefits: contributes to the conservation of forest resources, develops technical skills, and saves regional financial resources.


8.  Location:  In urban centers where there is electric power.