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Steel Fabrication and Ironwork Factory


1. Product Description: A steel fabrication and ironwork factory is for the manufacture of light steel structure of buildings, cold –beat plate profiles, pressed plate doors, single beam crane tracks with columns, aluminum profile products, vessels, tanks, etc.  These products are essential inputs in the building, construction and freight transport industries.


2. Rationale: Except for some crude and small workshops in the larger urban centers (Dessie and Bahir Dar) the whole Amhara land does not have even a small but modern steel fabrication and iron- work factory.  All the products that such a factory produce and /or fabricate are imported from Addis Ababa.  Most of these products are bulky and take a lot of space to transport and as a result are expensive which is reflected in their expensive prices.  What was once dormant, the Amhara Region (at least in urban areas) is showing some signs of modernization, some signs of development and some signs of awakening.  These signs of modernization should be supported by the provision of the necessary inputs such as metal fabricated products and the way to provide these inputs is by promoting the establishment of a steel fabrication and ironwork factory.


3. Market Potential: The economic and social development activities of the Region which are manifested by various construction works can absorb the different products of a steel fabrication and iron work factory.


4.  Source of Raw Material: Import


5. Production Process & Technology: The main manufacturing or fabrication processes include calling (sawing, shearing) of the metals, machining (bending, pressing, punching, milling, drilling, shaping, grinding, welding, sand-blasting and hardening), testing, surface treatment, assembly and quality control.


6. Estimated Investment: Plant and machinery Birr                    7 million

  Buildings Birr                        1 million

Total Birr                   8 million


7. Benefits: Self- sufficiency, saving of resource, transfer of technology, development of new skills plus the other common benefits of industrial development.


8. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha