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Wire and Wire Products Making Plants


1.  Product Description: there are two major products in this project.  One is barbed wire and the other is galvanized wire.  Barbed wire is mainly used for fencing purposes which saves a lot of wood poles and Galvanized wire is made into different products.


2. Rationale: Wire and wire products are used for various purposes in both rural and urban areas.  Some wire products can be made into gabion which is used for soil conservation and protection measures.  The use of wire and wire products is very limited in the Amhara Region, probably because the benefits of using wire and wire products are not widely known and/or accepted in the Region.  But even the small consumption of these products in the Region can justify the establishment of a small wire and wire products making plant.  At least the present domestic consumption of wire and wire products justifies the establishment of such a plant.


3. Production Process: the major stages of production are pickling or mechanical decaling, wire drawing, auresling galvanizing and barbed wire manufacturing.


4. Production machinery & Equipment: The type of machinery and equipment for wire and wire products include pickling equipment, drawing equipment, galvanizing equipment and barbed- wire making equipment.


5. Estimated Investments: Cost of machinery and equipment will be about Birr 4.5 million.


6. Raw Materials: main raw material will be imported


7. Location:- Since raw material will be imported, the appropriate location will be Combolcha.