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Wood Screw Making Plants


1.  Product: wood screw product is an upgraded or further processed wire rod.  It is like nails used for fastening and wood works.


2.  Rationale: Furniture and other woodwork products are rapidly increasing in both in rural and urban areas.  In all small and large urban centers in the Region, there are furniture making units.  These units demand fastening items like nails and wood screw.  Wood screw provides ease in fastening but particularly in unfastening with much less chance of itself being damaged.  There is no local manufacturer of wood screw in the region.  All the needed quantity is supplied from import.  It is necessary to establish a wood screw to eater the existing and potential demand.


3.   Market: A recent study indicates that annual demand of wood screw grows by 10%.  There is no local manufacturer in the country and the supply is imported at high cost of foreign currency.  The demands in the region and outside justify the establishment of a wood screw making plant.  The market will be sufficient for the product of the plant. 


4.  Supply of Raw Material: The main raw material of wood screw is mild steel wire, which is imported.  The other item is packing material which can be obtained locally.


5.  Production Process and Technology (a) Process Wood screw making involves the process of basically rivet making (heading or making of head), polishing (smoothing in rivet surface and making it shine), slotting (the head), threading and pointing, finishing (cleaning from oil grease and dust) and packing.  Al process or sub process except packing are automatic. 


         b)  Machinery and Equipment

-         Double stroke heading (riveting) machine.

-         Slotting machine

-         Threading (and pointing) machine

-         Centrifugal oil separators

-         Bile and cutter grinder

-         Tumbling barrel. 

All machinery and equipment are assumed imported. 


6.  Estimated Investment: The estimated investment cost that includes building, machinery and equipment and working capital is estimated to be Birr 1.2 million.  


7. Location: The location of a wood screw making plant is in the industrial town of  Combolcha.