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Publishing House

1.      Product Description: A publishing house or enterprise is business organizations which receives various types of manuscripts from authors, reviews, edits and publish the accepted manuscripts in book forms. The organization can have its own printing plants or it can use the services of other printing plants. The books published by the enterprise can be of different subjects-function, non-fiction, text, general reference, natural sciences of social sciences, etc. publishing houses also distribute the books they publish and collect revenues. These enterprises have the expertise to edit the books and the financial resources to publish them.


2.      Market Potential: The Amhara Region has about 20 million people and at one time the literacy rate was about 40 percent. This means about eight million people in the Region can read and right at the minimum. If we assume that at least 50 percent of the literates in the Region have strong interest in reading an can afford to buy at least there books per year, the demand for books in the Region could reach as high 12 million per year. On the other hand, if situations are convenient, the Region has the potential of producing many authors and writers. At present it is mostly in Addis Ababa that we find authors and writers of the country. if there are publishing houses, printing plants, research libraries and other facilities, in the Regions, many authors and writers could emerge form the various regions of the country.  


The Amhara Region with more than 25 percent of the countries population could have its share of emerging authors and writers if conditions are conducive for writing and publishing. In addition to all this, the student population of the Region is increasing (through not at a lower rate than other regions) and this creates good opportunities for publishing house. In the whole country there are only two publishing houses (one state and one private) which are involved in the publication of text books for about 12 million elementary and secondary school children. This publishing opportunity should be given to publishing houses established in the Regions. With abut 3 million students in the Amhara Region, a regional publishing house should be given to publish text books why should the Amhara Region or any region for that matter give the business of publishing its school text books to firms in Addis Ababa? Decentralization of government administration entails also decentralization of economic activities. All this leads to the need of establishing a publishing house or enterprise in the Amhara Region.


3.      Source of Raw Material: In this case, this refers to manuscripts and drafts of books to be published. These manuscripts will come from individual authors, writers and organizations such as Beraus Education, Agriculture, Health, etc.  


4.      Process and Technology: unless it has its own printing plant, a publishing house does not print books and other written materials. Hence “process and technology” here refers to the activities undertaken to prepare a book for printing. These activities include reviewing manuscripts, editing and enhancing the content and formats of the manuscripts and finally preparing the manuscripts for printing. Once manuscripts are produced in book forms, they should be distributed to wholesalers and distributors.


5.      Estimated Investment: A publishing house needs experts in different disciplines, professional editors, sufficient amount of cash and up-to-date writing machinery and equipment. Experts could be hired on contractual basis. The minimum investment requirement for a small publishing house will be:  

§         Building/offices (optional) 300m2 at Br. 2000/m2 =   600,000

§         Machinery                                                                    100,000

§         W. capital                                                                  1,500,000



6.      Benefits: Promotes self-sufficiency, facilitates the emergence of new authors from the Region, savs financial resources, enhances the reading culture of the people an improves the general knowledge of the people


7.      Location: Bahir Dar.