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Recreation Centers in Zonal Capital

1        Production or Service Description: These centers will have facilities for various indoor and outdoor games, swimming pools, ciruma halls and facilities to stage theaters and music shows. These facilities can also serve for conducting wedding ceremonies and  for assembly halls.

2        Market Potential: With the decentralization of government structures and deveelution of state powers, zonal capitals have become centers of important administrative functions, commerce, industry, transport, education, health care, et. During the last 10-15 years, the population of the urban centers which are designated to be capitals of respective zones has increased substantially, there are more level servants, teachers, health care workers agricultural professionals, policemen, etc. there are also more merchants, hotel, restaurant, and coffee shops workers.. more people are also working in other micro and small enterprises.


While the population of the zonal capitals has increased there has not been a corresponding increase in recreational facilities. There are no cinema halls, no indoor and outdoor games, no swimming pools, n o musical shows, no theaters….  .People especially those who moved to these urban centers are bored, demoralized and frustrated. Their places of “recreation” are drinking bars, “chart bets” and the bile . This situation is depressing for many residents especially young and educated government employees.

            If recreation facilities are established in Zonal capitals, they will have enough customers to make them financially Viable. These facilities will generate financial benefits to the investors and they will provide desperately needed recreational outlets for the people.


3        Source of Raw Material: In the case of this project idea, the “raw material” refers to inputs which will produce the various types of recreation facilities. These inputs will be secured locally.

4        Process and Technology: Process here refers to the stages that will be undertaken to build and operate the recreation facilities. These stages are, securing land constructing buildings, installing recreational facilities and operating the facilities


5        Estimated Investment: For a recreational facility that will have a small nmulti purpose hall (for cinema, thereafter, musical shows…).

§         Building/shade 400m2 at Br. 2000/m2  = 800,000

§         Machinery & Equipment                            300,000

§         W. capital                                                            100,000


6        Benefits: Improves the physical and mental will-being people, saves people from being alcohol and chat addict, …


7        Location: All zonal capitals