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Clips and Paper Pins


1.         Product Description:  A gem clip is a device made of bent steel or copper wire generally used for clasping or gripping together a collection of papers.  Most gem clips have elevated noses on one side for easy slipping on to the paper collection.  A paper pin is also a small device made of a thin and straight steel wire with a flat head at on end and a sharp pointed end at the other.  The pin is also used for holding a small collection of papers by piercing them together.  Gem clips and paper pins are used extensively in all areas where there is paper work.


2.         Rationale:  All the gem clips and paper pins requirement of the Amhara region are imported from abroad through Addis Ababa.  With the establishment of new offices and other institutions in the region due to the decentralization of the administrative structure of the country, the consumption of office stationary materials like gem clips and paper pins has increased.  The consumption of gem clips and paper pins in the Region will be sufficient to absorb the production of a small gem clips and paper pins producing plant.  To promote self-sufficiency in these products and to save regional financial resources, the establishment of a gem clips and paper pins making plant must be promoted.

3.         Market Potential:  Since all gem clips and paper pins which the country requires are all imported, production of these stationary items in the country will be an import substitution exercise.  It is a change in the supply source to meet an existing demand.  The consumption volume of gem clips and paper pins in the Amhara Region constitutes about 25 percent of the total consumption of the country.  This volume if produced in one plant will make the plant financially viable


4.         Source of Raw Material:  Both the steel and the copper wires will be imported.


5.         Process and Technology:  The manufacturing process of gem clips consists of the following stages:-  winding of the wire on the shuttle; subjecting of the wound shuttle to the clip forming moving tools; nickel plating on the clips and packing of the gem clips.  To make paper pins, wire is fed to an automatic machine wehere the wire straightened to upsetting of head pointed and cut into the required length.  Main machinery required include: wire straightening and winding machine, clip forming machine, automatic paper pin making machine, electroplating unit, automatic nickel polishing machine, and packing machine.

6.         Estimated Investment:  For a plant which can produce about 10 tons of gem clips and another 10 tons of paper clips, the estimated investment will be as follows.

§         Building/ shade 150m2 at Birr 1500/m2  = Birr 225,000

§         Machinery                                               = Birr 200,000

§         Working Capital                                      = Birr 100,000



7.         Benefits: Promotes self-sufficiency, saves regional financial resources, and introduces new skills and technology.


8.         Location: Combolcha, Bahir Dar, or any town to be preferred by the investors.