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Printing Plant


1. Product Description: main products of a printing plant are books, journals, news-papers, and all other printed materials with large volume of copies.


2.  Rationale: There are two small printing plants (one in Gondar and one in Bahir Dar) in the Amhara Region.  There might be other mini “printing “plants” in the Region.  All the existing plants only produce some newspapers, pamphlets, posters, brochures etc.  They do not have the capacity (both in terms of scale or technology) to produce books of very large copies.  For example, none of the printing plants can print text books required by the Regions student population.  As a result, all text books (for elementary, secondary and preparatory schools) are produced in Addis Ababa.  In principle, if the market justifies it, the Region should be self-sufficient in all industrial products.


Thus a printing plant with enough capacity and modern technology should be established in the Region for making the Region self-sufficient in all its printing needs especially in printing text books for the Region’s elementary and secondary students.


3.  Market Potential: Due to the absence of a large and modern printing plant, the printing demand for all kinds of books in the Region are met by the printing industry in Addis Ababa.  If we take the case of text books printing, the need of a modern printing will be plant in the Region becomes obvious.  In the school year of 2003/04, there were 2.02 million elementary and about 112,000 secondary school students in the Region.  If we assume that about 8 text books are distributed for two students, the text book need of the Region is about 9,248,000.  If we assume that one book will serve four at least for years, this means that every four year, another 9,248,000 text books will be needed in the Region and this is without considering the increase in student population.


4.  Source of Raw Material: The main materials needed for printing are paper and ink; and these products are mostly imported.

5. Production Process & Technology: The printing industry is one of those industries where technology is changing fast.  Machinery and equipment needed are- heave duty chromatronics cutter modes, graphic camera modes, offset duplicator, numbering machine, laminating machine, losser writer, Xerox blue print copies, stripping full size right table, paper drill, wire sticker, IMS mini computer, etc.

6. Estimated Investment:

§         Buildings: 400Xm2X1500= Birr    600,000

§         Machinery                            Birr 1,000,000


7. Benefit to the Region’s Economy: Creates employment, makes the Region self-sufficient in the printing industry, keeps the money spent on printing within the Region- i.e. saves the regions monetary resources.


8.  Possible Location: Bahir Dar