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Sensitizing Paper Making Plant


  1. Product Description: Sensitizing paper is an indispensable item for use in civil engineering, architectural and plant designs. It is prepared by coating sensitizing liquid mixed with some chemicals on the base paper after making the surface of the paper smooth by using proper pigments. Sensitizing paper comes in blue and black colors and diazo-coated as it is common in most developed countries. The paper is used for preparing civil engineering and mechanical designs.


  1. Market Potential:  Construction of all types is expanding at the rate of 7-12 percent per year. In almost all parts of the country, one can witness construction works in commercial buildings, factories, public buildings (schools, clinics, officer) roads, etc. The preparations of designs and plans are prerequisite for all these construction works. And sensitizing papers are needed for the preparation of designs and plans. So far the sensitizing paper requirements of the country are being by imports. However, it is possible to produce the paper here at home. As out country has the least modern civil works, buildings and the like, there will be more activities in the preparation of designs and plans and in the construction of buildings and other civil works. This implies that the need for sensitizing papers will increase every year. For many years to come. Given this, we can not continue importing sensitizing paper while the demand for the product justifies the establishment of a plant which will produce sensitizing paper.


  1. Source of Raw material: About eight types of chemicals are needed to produce the sensitizing paper. These chemicals include dihydroxynaphthalene – 6 sulfuric acid sodium salt, diazoethylethyl aniline chloride ½ zinc chloride salts, diazodimethyl aniline chloride-½ zinc chloride salt, K-606 (dye), paper etc. All the ingredients have to be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: Pre-coating of the paper, drying, main coating, drying, back-coating, drying, cooling, rewinding, cutting and packing. In pre-coating the base paper is specially treated both on its surface and internally for making it suitable for further processing, Main coating is a process in which the sensitizing liquid blended with serval chemicals in addition to diazo and coupler is coated on the smoothened surface following the pre-coating. Back-coating is a process in which the final back-coating is applied in order to prevent a possible curling phenomenon on the sensitized base paper after preliminary and main coatings. Required machinery and equipment include coating machine, electric control box, rotary cutter, paper cutting machine, homo-mixer, electric chain hoist, radiation moisture balance, rewinding machine, chemical agitate vessel, auto P.P. strapping machine, copy machines for dry and wet, balances, viscotester, reflectometer and forklift.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce 500 tons of sensitizing paper per year, the estimated investment will be
    • Building/shade – 650m2 at Birr 1500/m2                      = Birr         975,000
    • Machinery ………………………………………..   = Birr      4,000,000
    • Working capital ………………………………..      = Birr          900,000

Total             = Birr      4,875,000


  1. Benefits: Similar to other industries.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Debre Birhan.