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Transparent Sheet Making Plant


1        Product Description: Acrylic cast sheet consists of mainly polymethyl methacrylate which may also contain small amount of co monomers to modify the bulk physical properties. These sheets are made in thickness ranging from 1mm to 25mm and almost in all types of colors. They have better impact strength over sheet glass and have replaced the latter in many applications. Acrylic sheet can be produced in transparent, translucent and opaque as well as in variety of colors and shades. The most outstanding characteristics are optical clarity, good outdoor weathering capacity, high strength to weight ratio and good dimensional stability. The main applications and uses of a cyclic sheet are building construction, automobiles, buttons, transparent casting, etc.


2        Market Potential:  Transparent sheets (acrylic sheet) are mostly made with sizes of 3x5x3 and 4x4x3. Up to now the demand for transparent sheets is met though imports. A market study on this product has made a demand projection of 120 tons in 2008. After five years projected demand will reach about 160 tons. Considering the weight per unit area of a transparent sheet (which is very small) a demand of 120 tons or 160 tons is a large demand for transparent sheets.


3        Source of Raw materials: The main raw materials needed for producing transparent sheets are virgin monomer, benzoyl peroxide, pearl essence, steanic acid, colors and gelatine. Almost all the raw materials will be imported.


4        Process and Technology: The production process has four stages-mixing, heating, cooling, cutting and pressing, MMA monomer and benzyl peroxide are mixed together in a required proportion and poured into a mould which is made of two sheets of high quality toughened glass. The mould is heated, half sunk in water, and then the plastic cylinders from the mould are removed. Finally the plastic is cut to the required size and softened in hot water. The sheets are then taken out and pressed to make it flat. Main machinery and equipment used to produce transparent sheets are boiler, tanks, plastic containers, moulding machine, extra hard chromium mirror finished cylinders, cutting machine, press machines and other miscellaneous tools.


5        Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce about 60 tons of transparent sheets, the estimated investment will be:-


    • Building/shade 700m2 at Birr 1500/m2                  = Birr    1,050,000
    • Machinery …………………………………….. = Birr      500,000
    • Working capital ……………………………..      = Birr     300,000

                                                                       Total                    = Birr   1,850,000


6        Benefits: Similar to other projects.


7        Location: Combolcha