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Plastic Gutters down Pipes and Conduits Making Plant

  1. Product Description: These are plastic products used for collecting rain water from building roofs and transporting the water to desired destination. The products have become popular due to lower costs, non –rusting characteristics and long useful life.


2.     Market Potential: All types of buildings used for different purposes always use gutters, down pipes and conduits for handling and clearing rain water which fails on roofs and around buildings. For many years, gutters and down pipes made form galvanized iron sheet or metal sheet were being used for the above purposes. Recently plastic gutters and down pipes have become popular and are fast replacing metal gutters and down pipes. This trend will continue in the future. As the building industry is expanding in all part of the country, the demand for plastic gutters and down pipes will also expand. Recently one factory has been established in Addis Ababa which produces some type’s plastic gutters and down pipes. But the production is small compared to the national demand for these products. The Amhara region has its share of the building industry and it needs plastic gutters and down pipes to the building industry and it needs plastic gutters and down pipes to meet the regional demand for these products. Transporting these products is expensive because the products, though light, take much vehicle space during transportation. Hence it will probably be economical to establish a plant in the region which will produce plastic gutters and down pipes.


  1. Source of Raw Material: The main raw material is P.C.V. plastics and this will be imported.


4.     Process and Technology: The main production process is melting plastic granules, making it pass the melted plastic pass through molding machine and forming the gutters and down pipes according to predetermined sizes. The principal machine required is a plastic molding machine.


  1. Estimated investment: For a plant which will produce about 400 tons of gutters, down pipes and conduits per year, the investment requirement will be
    • Fixed capital                                       12,000,000
    • Working capital                                   3,000,000



  1. Benefits: Facilitates the expansion of the building industry
  2. Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha or any location to be chosen by the investor.