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Formica Sheets Making Plant



  1. Product Description: Formica (veneer) sheets or decorative laminate are characterized by a hard surface which is highly resistant to damage by scratching, heat and moisture. Formica sheets are mainly used in the furniture and joinery industry. Many table tops, cupboards, drawers, and other similar furniture are made from Formica sheets. In the furniture industry, Formica sheets are replacing plywood or veneer made from wood. Formica sheets come in various colors and designs including wood grain and abstract patterns. The most popular decorative Formica sheets have one millimeter thickness of 1.2 m x 2.44m size.



2 Market Potential: Formica or veneer sheets are widely used in Ethiopia in the furniture and joinery industry. All the Formica sheet requirements of the country are imported. Around 1997 the demand for Formica sheets was estimated to be about 70 tons per year. This demand is projected to reach 250 tons per year in 2115. As Formica sheets have become essential inputs in the furniture and joinery industry, it is necessary to produce them locally in order to save foreign exchange. The more Formica sheets are used the less plywood or veneer are used thus saving forest resources. The present demand justifies the establishment of a Formica sheets producing plant in the country; and the Amhara Region should exploit this opportunity by establishing the plant first.



  1. Sources of Raw material: The main raw materials are papers such as Kraft, base and tissue papers; phenol, formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde and industrial alcohol. The paper inputs could be obtained from local sources and the other inputs will be imported.



  1. Process and Technology:- Resin preparation, impregnation, assembling, curing and finishing are the major production processes. Phenol formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde are prepared; in the preparation plant to impregnate the Kraft paper and the decorative base paper respectively. The impregnated paper is then stored in specified conditions.  The barrier paper (Kraft paper), the decorative and the tissue papers are stacked in a specified manner on 55 press plates and the curing process is carried out under controlled parameters on hydraulic press. Finally the finishing operations take place. Main machinery and equipment needed include resin preparation plant, hydraulic press, impregnating plant, curing and trimming machine, material handling equipment, vacuum press plates and laboratory and testing equipments.


  1. Estimated Investment:- For a plant that will produce 150 tons of Formica sheets, the estimated investment will be:-
    • Building/shade 4800m2 at Birr 1500/m2            = Birr       7,200,000
    • Machinery ………………………………..…= Birr       6,600,000
    • Working capital ………….………………..   = Birr          900,000

            Total                = Birr     10,700,000


  1.  Benefits:­ Saves foreign exchange, contributes to the conservation of forest resources, brings in financial resources, introduces new skills and technology.


  1. Location: Combolcha, Debre Birhan