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Paint Brushes Making Plant


1.         Product Description: Paint brushes are hand tools used by workers to paint walls and cerillings of buildings.  These brushes vary in size from ½ inches to 6 inches.


2.         Market Potential: The Amhara Region gets its supply of paint brushes from Addis Ababa which, in turn, receives these products from foreign sources.  Most houses and other buildings in the urban centers of the Region are painted; and practically all new buildings under construction and those which will be constructed in the future will be painted.  Buildings usually residential and offices are repainted almost three or every years.  All these indicate that painting is an important activity in the building construction sector; and this sector is expanding in the Amhara Region.  Paint brush making can be undertaken with small scale operations.  The present volume of work of painting in the Region can support the operation of one or two small scale paint brush making plant in the Region.  In fact, since there is no any other similar plant in the country, the plants to be established in the Amhara Region can export their products to the other Regions of the country.


3.         Source of Raw Materials:  Paint brushes can be made from natural or artificial fibers.  In recent years, synthetic fibers have become dominant in the market.  Even the handles of the brushes which were being made from wood are now being replaced by plastic handles.  Hence, the raw materials will most likely be imported.


4.         Process and Technology:  The following are the steps which have to be followed in the manufacture of brushes.  Preparation of fibers, preparation of handles and ferrule, fixing of fibers in the ferrule, pouring of adhesive in ferrule, vulcanization of rubber solution in the oven, fixing handle to ferrules and packing.  Main machinery include, drying oven with air circulation arrangement, polishing of buffing machine, sterilizer, bibers making apparatus, and some tools.


5.         Estimated Investment: 

n  Building/Shade 100m2 at Birr 1500/m2  = Birr 150,000

n  Machinery                                                    = Birr   50,000

n  Wording Capital                                          = Birr   35,000


6.       Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, possibility of export the products to other regions, introduces new skills and technology.


7.       Location:  Bahir Dar, Debre Birhan.