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Plastic Containers Making Plant by Blow Molding


  1. Product Description: Containers are substances produced for holding liquids or other materials that can be poured through an opening at the top of the containers. Plastic containers, in particular are made from polyethylene and other plastics by Blow Moulding machines. A plastic container has advantages over other containers made form metal and other materials, and widely used by various users. Plastic containers include plastic barrels of different size and shape, plastic reservoirs, bottles, etc.


  1. Rationale: Plastic containers, like other plastic products are cheaper than containers made from metals. They are relatively durable. They are pleasant to touch. Plastic containers can be easily made in any desired shape and size. Plastic containers have other advantages over containers made for metals and are preferred to metal containers. These advantages include strength, high weight, high resistance to water, chemicals,


  1. Market Potential: It is true that there is an increasing demand for the plastic containers in different shapes and size in the Region. Because of the advantages plastic containers have there are various users of the product in the Region. Therefore, the product will have sufficient market.


  1. Sources for Raw Material: Like other plastic products about 95% of the raw material, mainly, polyethylene, for the production of the plant is imported, while 5% (minerals and additives) are locally produced. The countries form where the raw material is imported are include:- 

-     Western Europe, such as Italy, Germany etc.

-     United Arab Emirates

-     Egypt etc.


  1. Production Process and technology: Plastic containers and made by Blow-molding machine. The Blow-molding is used to form containers from  soft, hollow thermoplastic tubes. First a mould is fitted around the outside of the softened thermoplastic tube, and then the tube is heated. Next, air is blown into the softened tube. Blow-Molding is used to make different types of containers. 
  2. Estimated Investment Cost: The setting of the plant will need a convenient and sufficient space for its operation. Thus, the minimum area for the setting of the plant will be about 700m, the estimated cost of which will be about Birr 280,000. The estimated cos of machinery and plant will be about Birr 2,000,000. Hence, the estimated total cost of investment will be about 2,280,000.


  1. Benefits: It saves foreign exchanges. It creates employment opportunity for the growing labor force of the Region. There will be earnings for the investors in the form of profit, and it will generate revenue for the Regional State in the form of income tax and VAT. It will meet the demand of the various users of containers in the Region.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Gondar, Dessie