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Plastic Helmets/Hats Making Plant


1.         Product Description:  Plastic helmets are used by construction workers, firemen, civil defense personnel, police force, motor bike riders and users, mountain climbers, lumber-men, miners and other people engaged in heavy duty works.  The helmets are made from reinforced plastic which, in turn, is made of mixture of resin and strengthening material like glass fiber, synthetic fiber, asbestos, etc.  Reinforced plastic is light in weight, chemical and heat and it does not break easily.  Using helmets is an essential protective measure to prevent head injury.


2.         Market Potential:  Due to the expansion of construction works in the country, there are tens of thousands of construction workers in the country.  In addition, the number of firemen, members of the police force, motor bike riders, etc is large.  If provided, many farmers can use helmets while working on farms.  When all these are taken into account, total number of people who can use helmets can be around 100,000.  All the helmets requirement of the country is imported and this consumes foreign exchange resources.  Though the raw material will be imported, producing plastic helmets will save foreign exchange.  Since the production of this item does not require much investment the project can be owned by any investor with a modest amount of financial capital.


3.         Source of Raw Material:  To be imported.


4.         Process & Technology:  There are a number of processes for making plastic helmets, but the most appropriate process is what is known as Single Mould Process.  In this process, simple machines are employed and the moulds used are made of wood or plaster of paris.  The sequences of operations are as follows:-  application of release agent, gel coating, lay-up operation, curing and releasing of moulding.  Machinery and tools needed include buckets, brush, trimming knife, rollers, rubber or polyurethane sponge, hand gloves of rubber or polyethene mechanical mixer and drying oven.


5.         Estimated Investment:  For a plant which will produce 400 plastic helmets per day, the estimated investment will be:-

§  Building/Shade 250m2 at Birr 1500/m2              = Birr 375,000

§  Machinery and tools                                       = Birr 700,000

§  Working Capital                                              = Birr 600,000



6.         Benefits:  Saves foreign exchange, promotes self-sufficiency by subset-Hating imports, introduces new skills and technology, improves the welfare of construction workers, firemen, and other workers of similar activities.


7.         Location:  Combolcha, Bahir Dar.