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Plastic Tanks (Sintex Type) Making Plant


1. Product Description: In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the variety of plastics used for various end products.  HDPE is one such plastic which has found extensive use in the   manufacture of plastic tanks by the rotational molding process.  These tanks are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 100 litters to 2500 liters and are used for various end uses such as storage of water, corrosive liquids, gases and other liquids.  Metal water tanks are more and more being replaced with plastic water tanks.


2.  Rationale:  Of the 19 million people living in Amhara land, almost 1.9 million  

    live in urban areas; and more than  70 percent of them receive their water supply from municipal water systems.  Most of the municipal water users have water tanks made of metals which are hazardous to health after a few years of service.  Practically all new houses being built in the major urban center of the Amhara Region have water tanks made form special type plastics (HDPE).  These tanks are transported from Addis Ababa to the major urban centers of the Region.  Empty plastic tanks are light but they take much space of transport vehicles and this alone makes them expensive to transport.  Whether they are made in Addis Ababa or Bahir Dar, the material that goes into the production of plastic tanks is imported.  If this is the case then why not someone produce plastic tanks somewhere in the Amhara Region for the consumption of the Region? This project will answer this question.


3. Market Potential:  Plastic tanks come in different sizes for different       purposes.  They can be made small to be used by young girls for bringing        water from rivers, springs or ponds.  They can also be made big to be used for storing thousands of liters of water or other liquids.  This versatile nature of the product can create a large demand base.  The tanks can be bought by urban home builders to be installed in their backyard, by villagers to store water in their cottages, by rural merchants to store and/or transport liquid merchandize such as kerosene, edible oil, tella, etc.  As the product is multi-purpose, there will be enough market for tanks in the Region.


 4.  Source of Raw Material: Import


 5.  Production Process & Technology: Plastic tanks (sintex type) of any Size can be molded (made) by rotational moulding techniques using HDPE  compounds or moulding powders.  After moulding, the tanks are sent for finishing by buffing wheels which gives luster and polish to the tank. 


            Main machinery and equipment include automatic rotational moulding machine with all accessories, clearing and mixing unit, scrap grinder, A.C. generator, buffing machine, compressor, furnace and other accessories.


6. Estimated Investment: Building 600 m2 at Br 1500/m2 = Birr 900,000; plant and machinery Birr 960,000; Total 1,860,000.


7. Benefit:  self sufficiency, resource conservation, introduction of new skills and new technology.


8.  Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha.