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PVC Flooring making plant


  1. Product description: PVC flooring is one of the plastic products made up of large organic molecule containing carbon. It is made from polyethylene and other plastics by calendaring and injection moulding. Machines it is formed using plastic sheets prepared. It is used for this purpose .it is used for covering floors. It has many advantages, such as light weight, strength, and high resistance to water, fungus, chemical, rust and other damages. it is cheaper than wood and marble. Hence, it is used by big buildings, such as offices apartment, resident houses, etc. for flooring (for covering floors).


  1. Rationale: There is an increasing demand for the PVC flooring for building, such as government office, apartment, school, residences, etc. PVC flooring, like other plastic products, is an increasing popular material because it is relatively durable. it an pleasant to touch . it provides design freedom, that is, it can be easily designed in any desired shape and color .it is water, chemical and fungus resistant. it is cheaper than wood and marble etc, hence it will be beneficial to invest in the PVC flouring product in the region.


  1. Market potential: Because of the significant advantage it has the product is demanded by various users, such as government offices, non governmental organization business enterprise, factories, schools, hospitals, individual users such as households. Therefore, there will be a wide range of market for the product.

With a rapid growth in the construction sector, the demand for PVC flooring is expected to rise at an average rate of 8 % per year. The projected demand is depicted in Table 1.


Table 1: Projected Demand



Demand (ton)





















  1. Source of Row materials: 95% the row material, mainly, polyethylene, for the production of PCV flooring is imported, while about 5%is locally produced. The countries from where the row material is imported one.
    1. Europe (Italy, Germany, etc
    2. united Arab emirates
    3. Egypt, etc


  1. Production process and Technology: Injection moulding: using a piston or screw force plastic resin through heated tube into a mould, where the plastic cools and hardens to the shape of the mould. Then the mould is opened and the plastic cost removed.

Extrusion: In the manufacturing process, pellets of nylon are stirred and melted. The melted plastic mixture will be forced in to the desire shape.


Calendaring: Forming continuous plastic sheets are used for flooring. Forcing hot thermoplastic resin between heat rollers called calendars makes the plastic sheets.


  1. Estimated investment cost: The setting of the PVC Flooring making plant will require a minimum area of 500m2, the cost of which will be about Birr 200,000. The cost of machinery and equipment will be about Birr 3,000,000 Hence, the estimated total investment cost will be about Birr 3,200,000.


  1. Benefits: It saves foreign exchange it creates employment opportunity for the growing labor force in the region .There will be earning for the investors in the form of profit. it will generate revenue for the Regional state in the form of income tax and VAT.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Gonder, Combolcha.