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PVC Wall Covering Making plant


  1. Product Description: Like most plastic products, PVC Wall covering is made form polyethylene and other plastic by calendaring machine, injection moulding machine, and extrusion machine, which are used for this purpose. It is used for covering walls. It has significant advantages, such as light-weight, strength, high resistance to water, chemical, fungus, rust and other damages. It is cheaper that wood and marble. Hence, various government offices, other organizations and individuals, for covering building walls, use it.

  1. Rational: There is an increasing demand for the PVC wall covering for buildings, such as government offices, apartments, schools, residences, etc. PVC wall covering, like other plastic products, is an increasingly popular material because it is relatively durable. It is pleasant to touch. It provides design freedom, that is, it can be easily designed in any desired shape and color. It is water, chemical and fungus resistant. It is cheaper than wood and metal products. Unlike metal products, it is not exposed to rust. Hence, there is a good ground to invest in the PVC wall covering making plant in the Region.


  1. Market Potential: Because of the significant advantages mentioned above, the product is demanded by various users. These users include government offices, nongovernmental organizations, business enterprises, factories, schools, hospitals, individual users such as households. Therefore, there will be sufficient market for the product.


  1. Sources of Raw Materials: Like other plastic products, 95% of the raw material, mainly, polyethylene, for the production of PVC wall covering is imported, while about 5% is locally produced. The countries from where the raw material is imported are.

-     Europe (Italy, Germany, etc)

-     United Arab Emirates

-     Saudi Arabia

-     Egypt, etc.


  1. Production Process and technology: Injection molding Using a piston or screw force plastic resin, through heated tube into a smould, where the plastic cools and hardens to the shape of the mould. Then the mould is opened and the plastic cast removed. In the manufacturing process, small pellets of nylon are stirred and melted. The melted plastic mixture will be forced into the desired shape. Then, the calendaring process forms continuous plastic sheets that are used for wall covering. Forcing hot thermoplastic resin between heat rollers called calendars makes the plastic sheet. A series of secondary calendaring is used.


  1. Estimated Investment Cost: The setting of the plant will require a minimum area of 600m2, the cost of which will be about Birr 240,000. the cost of machinery and plant many be about Birr 3,000,000. Therefore, the total investment cost will be about Birr 32,400,000.


  1. Benefits: PVC wall covering is cheaper than wood, marble and other imported wall-covering materials and are durable so that it has a wide rage of market. It saves foreign exchange. It creates employment opportunity for the growing labour force in the Region. There will be earning for the investors in the form of profit. It will generate revenue for the Regional state in the form of income tax and VAT.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar, Gondar, Combolcha, etc.