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PVC Windows Making Plant


  1. Product Description: The raw material PVC has proved to be an ideal material for windows. PVC windows have all the positive qualities of wood, aluminum and steel windows. Long life, stability, safe protection against weather and wind, insulation against heat or cold and noise, plus numerous possibilities for variety are the main advantages of this type of window PVC window production also stands for minimum investment, small building area, low raw material prices, short production time and good market prospects.


  1. Market Potential:  Up to now windows used in the building industry in the Amhara region are made mainly from wood, and steel. Aluminum windows are extremely rare in the region. Due to shortage of timber, making windows from wood has become extremely rare. Windows made from steel are too expensive. On the other hand, building constructions are expanding in every urban area in the region. Even in rural areas, people have started fixing modern windows when they build new houses. If the economic situations of the region improve, most existing houses could be replaced with new and better houses. This will require more windows and doors. Even with the existing level of income, people build new homes to replace old ones and to accommodate new families. The rate of population growth in the region is estimated to be 2.9 percent per year. With a population of 19.2 million people, there are 3.84 million families in the Amhara region. Every year, there are 110,000 new families who need new homes. If we assume that 10 percent of the existing houses are replaced every year, there will be about 380,000 new houses replacing old ones. Hence, the total number of new houses assumed to be built every year will be about 490,000 (380,000+110000). Of this number of new houses, at least 5 percent will use PVC windows if their prices are competitive. This means that 25000 new houses will use PVC windows. When new buildings for schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, apartments, etc. are included, the demand for PVC windows will increase. The 25000 new houses which will use PVC windows will need about 125000 units of windows. The other new buildings might need another 75000 units. The demand for PVC windows in the Amhara region will be about 200,000 per year. As PVC windows are light in weight, they can be easily transported to other places. Hence, the possibility of exporting these products also increases the demand.


  1. Source of Raw material: The main raw materials are PVC granulate, sheet glass, fittings, etc. The main inputs will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: The PVC raw material is taken from silo and fed to a mixing plant where the additives required for a product suitable for window units are dosed in and thoroughly mixed. The treated bulk PVC is fed to a twin screw extruder which transports, melts, homogenizes and extrudes the desired profile all in one operation. A down stream calibrating table stabilizes the profile and cools it rapidly, thus preserving the form. The continuous profiles are cut to length and stacked before assembly. The extruded window section is cut to length on a double mitre saw and fed to an automatic screwing machine. Here the PVC section and the steel reinforcement section are screwed together. Next, rubber gasket profiles which are essential functional parts of the window are inserted. The frames and sashes are assembled. The fittings are also mounted at this stage. The window pane, glazing bead, and rubber sealing gasket are inserted in the down stream glazing press. Finally, a series of quality checks are performed. There are about 27 units of machinery and equipment needed for the production of PVC windows. The main ones include mixing and extrusion plant, extruder, winder, roll-forming unit, double mitre saw, water slot machine, 4-head welding machine, single-head welding machine, etc. 


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce about 23,000 swing  windows and 5000 units of doors, the investment requirement will be:-


    • Building 1300m2 at Birr 1500/m2       = Birr   1,950,000
    • Machinery and Equipment….………= Birr   20,700,000
    • Working capital ……………………= Birr      2,000,000

Total   = Birr     24,650,000


  1.   Benefits: Similar to other projects.


  1. Location: Combolcha.