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Synthetic Marble Producing Plant


  1. Product Description: synthetic marble which is resin binding with an appropriate filler extender is an imitated substitute for quarry marble. Synthetic marble products are industrially processed marble like imitation products manufactured from composite chemical like polyester and inorganic materials such as marble powder, limestone, granite, sand, etc. These products have advantages such as longer life, better varieties of colors, greater manufacturing flexibility and shorter production time. These “man-made marble” are used mainly for commercial buildings, interior decorations, sanitary fixtures, institutional premises, etc. Due to their refractory and heat resistant characteristics, synthetic marble products are used for hearth construction as well.


  1. Market Potential: Synthetic marbles have been introduced to the Ethiopian market during the last ten years. During this time, the use of synthetic marbles has increased quite substantially in all major urban centers of the country. Practically all sanitary fittings and interior decorations in big building are made of synthetic marbles. As building construction of all types is expanding in every part of the country, the demand for synthetic marble is also expanding. The unit price of synthetic marble is much lower than the price of natural or quarry marble. This is a major factor to increase the demand for synthetic marble. According to a recent study, synthetic marble is projected to have a demand of 435000 kgs. per year in 2006.


  1. Source of Raw material: Major raw materials required for the manufacture of synthetic marble products are gelocat, panolyester, cobalt, butanox, carnauba wax and filter materials which can be selected from a wide variety of inorganic materials like marble powder, limestone, granite, sand, etc. Raw materials such as marble powder, limestone, granite and sand will be obtained from domestic sources; the rest will be imported.


  1. Process and Technology: A polyester compound of a specific quality is mixed with a cobalt solution (acceterator), filler and pigment. A solution of peroxide (butanox) is added to the mixture in order to accomplish the final chemical reaction. The filler material (marble powder and sand) is added to the mixture after removing possible impurities. Setting up of moulds is carried out at the same time. Prior to casting, the moulds are treated with a releasing agent (carnauba wax) and then sprayed with a gelocat solution. This solution provides the resistant layer of the finished product. The prepared mixture is poured in the cavity formed by the appropriate “male” and corresponding “female” moulds to cast the finished synthetic marble product. During casting, the moulds are placed on a especially constructed table equipped with small vibrating engines with ensure a thorough filling of the cavity and adequate dispersion of the mixture. After casting, demoulding and grinding of the cast take place. Finally the products are polished and ready for marketing. The plant can also produce synthetic marble for bathroom fixtures like wash basins, WC interior and shower bases. It only requires the preparation of different casting moulds.

Machinery and equipment for the plant include about 24 units and pieces. The most important ones are vibrator, moulds, spraying cabin, gel coat equipment, air compressor, mixer, grinder, polyester exhauster, water extractor with refrigeration, etc.


  1. Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce about 25,000 m2 or 500000 kgs. of synthetic marble per year, the estimated investment will be 


Ÿ  Building/ shade 300 m2 at Br 2000/m2=   1,500,000

Ÿ  Machinery (Tools….)                                1,000,000

Ÿ  Working Capital                                           400,000                                                                                                    2,900,000 


  1. Benefits: Utilizes under utilized natural resources (sand, limestone, granite-----) saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, introduces new skills and technology.


  1. Location: Bahir Dar or any place preferred by the investor