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Projects for the poor


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  These are small scale and low cost
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Ice candy
Ice candy is consumed by all sections of society particularly children. The market for ice candy is good in big villages, towns and district headquarters. There is a good scope for new units for setting up of this kind of units in important centers of tribal areas.

The required quantity of water is taken into container, colours and essence are mixed thoroughly and filled in candy blocks. Bamboo sticks inserted into candy holes and placed in the freeze for solidifcation. After cooling, they are removed and placed in cold chamber.

Ice candy making machine
Compressor with 3 HP motor 
Electrical motor - 3 HP


Honey is a product obtained from beehives.  It is used to sweeten and flavor foods at home and in food industries.  It is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.  In our country honey is made into a popular local drink-tej.  Processed honey is strained (extracted) honey after raw honey undergoes a serious of filtration and purification processes.
Investment1.2million birr/200ton

A chisel is a hand tool with a sharp flat edge at the end and used for shaping wood, stone or metal.  Chisels are made of many kinds according to their use.  One kind is used for metal and metal alloys while another kind is used by carpenters.
Investment 510,000/25,000 chisels/month

Dry milling
Maize is one of the major crops in the Amhara Region.  Production of this crop in the Region in 2002/2002 was 6.53 million quintals which was about 19 percent of the total grain production of the Region.  Most of the maize production is consumed in the villages where it is produced, but some surplus is sold to the urban population.
Investment 525,000/500tons/yr

Fodder Production and Distribution

Fodder is animal feed to be given to domestic animals especially to cattle. Fodder is usually prepared from grass, straws, lucks and seeds. This project idea is to produce animal feed from grass in the form of lay or from leaves in the form of alpha.
Invesement 25,000/10 hectars
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Fish Harvesting, Farming and Marketing

Fish harvesting is the collection of mature fish from lakes and rivers and distributing the catch to consumers. Fish farming is growing or breeding fish in man-made ponds and marketing the harvest to consumers. This project idea is for harvesting fish in and around Lake Tana and for growing fish in ponds near the Lake and marketing the harvest from both sources for consumers in major urban areas

Invetement.1.3million/250,000Kg fish/yr

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Agro forestry Project

Agro forestry systems are much more complex than single purpose farm or forestry enterprises. Products from each component of the system will require specific markets. Therefore, selecting the components of ago forestry systems must be on the basis of careful marketing plan. The demand for fuel wood, house construction by the rural households and rural towns is a great potential to be considered. Demand for timber, log and pulpwood by local household manufacturing industries is also very high. 

Investment: Site specific


Tree Farms or Plantations

These are commercial projects intended to grow trees of different species, harvest and process them for sale. Such projects are common in many countries. For example in North American countries there are many and large tree plantations or farms for the purpose of producing "Christmas trees" alone. Tree farms or plantations can be used for producing timber for the lumber industry, wood for the paper, particle board and other similar industries.

Investment 25,000birr/10 hectare tree


Assorted Vegetable Production Farms.

These products can be supplied s green and fresh, chilled or frozen and packed depending on the market location and requirement. Combining different kinds of vegetable production creates better opportunity for crop rotational practices and gives advantage of utilizing common faculties such s washing, cleaning cooling and storage facilities.

Investment:Site specific


Soybean Production Farm

Soybean is one of the grain legumes cultivated as a field crop for human consumption. Grain legumes in general and soybeans in particular, contain high quality protein. However mature soybean seeds cannot directly be used a food without first fermenting, sprouting or extracting the oil. Denatured mature soybean seeds can be used as food either boiled or roasted. The young soybean seeds in pods can be used as green vegetable without treatment. Soybean flour made form Soya meal can be mixed with wheat flour to producer backed

Investment:Site specific


Organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is made by converting straw in to compost by bringing the straw in contact with suitable converting medium produced by a small quantity of carefully measured mineral salts and water to promote development of aerobic micro-organisms. The straw compost when incorporated with the soil will promote the development of micro flora which are essential for plants to assimilate minerals in the soil. Organic fertilizer increases the productivity of soil from 50 to 130 percent.

Investment 1.35million/18,000ton/yr at 50% humidity

Public showers
Public bath and shower services are places where people go and take baths or showers by paying service changes. In simple terms these are places where people wash their bodies. It is also possible to include services which enable people to do their laundry- i.e to wash their clothes. The best example for bath and shower is the “Filwuha” in Addis Abab
Investment 220,000/15rooms

Egg tray from waste paper

Paper egg trays are industrial products used for holding eggs in poultry farms and in places where eggs are sold or stored. Egg trays made from waste paper are usually cheap and light which make them economical to be used by poultry farmers.

Investment 1.15million/2.5million trays/yr

Briquettes from biomass

Briquettes are made from agricultural residues by binding them by a briquette machine to be used as fuel which supplement or substitute traditional fuels (fuel wood and charcoal).
Investment: site specific& technology dependent

Apple Production Farms

Growing apple trees in the home garden or as agro foresting production system can be financially rewarding. There are several varieties of apple to be considered for selection before planting for successful apple production. The four major varieties which dominate the world production are red delicious, Golden delicious, Rome beauty and galas.

Investment 30-35,000/hect

Banana Plantations.

With about 2.1 million people living in the urban centers of the Amhara Region, there is a potential of high consumption of bananas provided that the fruit is supplied to the market at affordable prices. If we assume that at least 30 percent of the urban residents of the Region can afford to consume 2 kgs of bananas per head per week, the annual consumption of the fruit will be 655,200 quintals or 6552 tons of bananas. This is about the most reasonable and realistic estimate given the low per capita income of the majority of the urban population. 

Investment 1.6million/50hectare


Seed Multiplication and Distribution Centers

Seed multiplication and distribution centers are production, storage and marketing enterprises where selected seeds (natives and foreign) are harvested and stored in selected locations of the Region and distributed to farmers in the Region. These centers could have specialized seed multiplication functions in different agri-ecological zones depending on the type of seeds required in each zone. The seeds to be multiplied will be those of high yielding varieties and/or disease resistant or which in general have a superior quality than seeds being used in current farming practices.

Investment 1.6million/200hectare

Small Scale Pineapple Plantation

Pineapples are one of the most favorite fruits in many countries. The fruits can be consumed as they are in their ripened natural state or they can be processed to make desserts, fruit salads, cakes, certain dishes, dried and stimulating drinks. Pineapples grow in temperate zones and in the highland areas of the tropics. Besides local consumption, the fruits can be exported to generate foreign exchange.

Investment  210,000/50hectare 


Bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture are furniture made from bamboo trees. The furniture are used in homes, traditional restaurants, and in some offices and large commercial centers. The furniture include tables, chairs, shelves and other household items, Baskets, doors and windows can also be made from bamboo. 

Investment 550,000 for 500 tables and 10,000 chairs per year