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Children Garment Making Plants

1. Product: Children garment is a clothing product, which is necessary of life and has to be provided in affordable price to the population mass or industrial production of garment normally provide inexpensive standard quality clothing.  Children garment is mainly for children of age group from 5 to 14.


2. Rationale: The degree of children garment wear is higher due to rough handling, frequent dirtying and washing.  There is a need of sufficient supply of garment for children both for normal and ordinary cloth and uniforms.  Although there is a textile mill in Bahrdar town that produces good quality of textile products for children garment, there is however no factory that produces at industrial scale in the region and at present children and garment are tailored or custom made.  It is justifiable to establish children garment making plant on industrial scale. 

3. Market: Current population of children age group is growing rapidly in the region.  The demand for clothing grows progressively with growing population and rising income.  Domestic industrial production of children garment is limited.  Ready-made garments are imported.  Current demand does not appear to be satisfied particularly in relation to affordable price.


4. Supply of Raw Material: Major raw materials which are available locally are:

-          Cloth

-          Lining cloth or fabric

-          Fasteners (Buttons, Zippers, Tasks)

-          Sewing thread

-          Packing material

5. Production Process and Technology

     a)  Production Process:-

Children garment making involves basically the process of pattern making, cutting, sewing finishing and packing. 

b)  Production Equipment

-  Sewing machine                                  - Trimming equipment

-  Folding machine                                 - Press and iron

- Buttonhole machines                           - Cutting tables

- Collar shapers                                      - Others (trolleys, material

- Tack settings machine                 boxes, racks, benches etc)

-  Electric knives

All the major machinery and equipment are assumed imported. 


6. Estimated Investment: The required estimated investment for building machinery and equipment and working capital range form Birr 500,000 to Birr 800,000. 


7. Location: The children garment industrial production facility has to be located in major town particularly in Bahrdar near the Bahrdar textile mill.