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Grain Mill Belt Production Plant

1.         Product Description: Grain mill belts are thickly woven cotton straps used to connect engines with wheels. Grain mill belts are used for power transmission purposes in flour or grain mills. The belts connect the engine of the mill and the grinding stones. Power from the engine is transmitted by the belt to the grinding stones which makes one of the stones to rotate around pressing the grains against the other (lower) stone and thereby grinding the grains to change them to flours.


2.         Rationale: It was around the turn of the last century that grain mills were introduced into our country. Though it has been more than one hundred years, the use of grain mills was concentrated mainly in the urban areas. It was only during the last 25 years that grains mills were widely introduced into the rural areas. Now the number of grain mills installed in the country is probably not less one hundred thousand. And this number increases ever year. Due to the large increase in the demand for grain mills, some components of the mill are being fabricated at home, How ever, no attempt has been made to produce grain mill belt which is made from cotton yarn. Like the engine, the grinding stones and some other components of the mill, the belt is also imported. But it is possible to produce this product using locally produced yarn and by importing special purpose looms for weaving the belt.


3.         Market Potential: As indicated above, currently there are probably 100,000 grain mills throughout the country. Each grain mill requires one belt; and the service life of one belt may not be more than four years. The demand for grain mill belt is composed of replacement and additional requirement. Subject to further verification through detailed market study, the demand for grain mill belt may not be less than 25,000.


4.         Source of Raw material: Cotton yarn which is the principal raw material will be obtained from domestic sources.


5.         Process and Technology: Cotton yarn in the form of hank is purchased from spinning or textile factories. The yarn is wound on wooden reels and pirn. From the wooden reels warp is made and place on the tape loom. Cotton beltings are woven and wrapped and converted into pools which become ready for marketing. Major plant and machinery needed include tape loom-6 section (heavy duty type) with motor, warping loom 16 section with motor, napping machine and creel stand, winding and pirn winding machine and spool making machine.


6.         Estimated Investment:- For a plant which will produce 18000 k.g of woren grain mill belts per year, the investment requirement will be:-

·         Buildings/shade 200m2 at Br 2000/ m2 ….. = Birr 400,000

·         Machinery …………………...…………… =  Birr 100,000

·         Working capital ………………………….=  Birr    60,000

    Total ……..=  Birr   560,000


7.         Benefits: Saves foreign exchange and regional financial resources, promotes self-sufficiency, stimulates production of local cotton yarn,


8.         Location: Bahir Dar or any zonal capital preferred by the investor.