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Plant for Dyeing, Pointing and Finishing Fabrics


  1. Product Description: Cotton fabrics or fabrics from man-made fibers are first produced in grey forms. That is they are not dyed, printed or finished. In fabrics production, there are two basic sages- production of the grey fabrics and production of the finished fabrics. The finishing process includes dyeing printing, sanforizing etc. Depending on the size of textile factory, production of the grey fabrics and finishing the fabrics could be dove either in one factory or in separate factories. If the textile factory is large and has all the required plant and machinery, grey fabrics production and finishing could be done in one factory. Other wise, the two stages of production are done in two or more separate factories. In our country, the Arba Minch Textile Factory was planned to produce grey fabrics. And the Awassa Textile Factory was planned to receive grey fabrics from Arba Minch and complete the production process, by dyeing, printing and finishing the grey fabrics. This project idea is t establish a plant that will dye, print and finish grey fabrics that it will receive from other textile weaving plants. The advantage of this arrangement is that is each plant will require less investment which makes it affordable by investors.

2.Market Potential: The 20 million people now living in the Amhara region require at the minimum 6 m2 of fabrics for clothing. This is the bare minimum need. The textile mills of the region do not produce more than 20 million m2 of fabrics - leaving a shortage gap of 40 million m2 of fabrics. This indicates that the region is not even self- sufficient in textile fabrics which is the most essential need of a people. Along with other textile project ideas, this project idea is suggested to make the region self- sufficient in the production of fabrics.

3.Process and Technology: Grey fabrics will be feed to different deying and printing machines. Deying or printing will take place on the fabrics; the fabrics will undergo different operations for washing, drying and finishing. Finally the finished fabrics will be rolled and packed for dispatching. Machinery required will include sets of deying machines, printing machines, sarforyzing machines, other auxiliary machines and equipment.

4.Estimated Investment: For a plant that will produce 5 million m2 of finished fabrics, the estimated requirement will be:

§  Buildings 5000m2 at Br 2000/m2                                10,000,000

§  Plant and Machinery                                                      9,000,000

§  Working capital                                                               2,000,000


5.Benefits: Promotes self sufficiency, saves foreign exchange, and saves regional financial resources.

6.Location: Bahir Dar, Combolcha