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Self- Gripping Woven Fabric Tapes

  1. Product Description: These are synthetic type fasteners and are manufactured from nylon yarn. A combination of nylons and polyester yam may also called look and loop tapes. Self-gripping woven fabric tapes are mostly used in garments and other dress materials such as dresses, leather garments leather purses, shoes hand bags etc. The product is also used for physiotherapy as therapeutic aids in muscle or body joint strains to put disjointed human body organs in place after massaging.

  1. Market Potential: All the self-gripping woven fabrics tapes consumed in the country are imported. Demand for the tapes was estimated to be about 100 tons in 1997 and this will grow to around 150 tons in 2008. Since the main consumers of the tapes are garment factories the demand for the tapes is a positively affected by population growth as the demand for garments is a function of population growth. In other words, with population growth demand for garments will increase and when demand for garments increases, the demand for self-gripping woven fabrics tapes will also increase? The share of the Amhara region in the demand for the tapes will be about 38 tons or 38,000 kg. This demand volume could justify the establishment of a self gripping woven fabrics tapes making plant.

         3. Source of Raw Material: The main raw material or inputs are nylon yarn, coating material (methyl, ethyl, and ketene) and these inputs will be imported.

 4.Process and Technology: The tapes will be woven, warp pile in narrow fabric construction process. The monofilament auxiliary warp ends shall be woven in the form of raised loops. The raised loops will be heat set to retain their shape. They can be cut near the cut of the loops in order to form a free look engaging section. On the other hand, the loops will be napped to form a uniform disoriented surface of uncut loops. The product will be stabilized for maximum flatters, evenness and dimensional stability.

The black of the tapes can be coated with a flame resistant coating or elastomeric coating. Main plant and machinery needed include automatic needle weaving machine, multi purpose coating machine, heat setting machine, loop cutting machine, reeling machine and other auxiliary instruments.

 5.Estimated Investment: For a plant which will produce about 25 tons of tapes, the estimated investment will be:

    • Buildings /shade                                 2,000,000
    • Machinery                                           3,000,000
    • Working capital                                   1,000,000


6. Benefits: Facilities the development of garment industries, saves foreign exchange, potential to export to other regions.

 7.Location: Bahir Dar