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Small Scale Weaving Plant

  1. Production Description: Weaving is a method of creating fabric by interlacing two sets of yarn threads, which are called the Warp and the Weft. The Warp threads form the base for weaving. They are arranged parallel to one another and held in tension on a loom. The weft is a single thread that is passed over and under the warp threads in a systematic way to crate a solid or patterned piece of cloth. Ethiopians in urban and rural areas use woven clothes. They are also used as National Dresses.

Clothing constitutes one of the most basic important needs of human beings. Woven clothes are particularly important needs of low income groups in the country. They are relatively cheap and are used by many Ethiopians are basic clothing and national dress. It is therefore, important to promote the production of textile products such as woven clothes, which are both inexpensive and durable, in order to minimize fraction of income of the groups spent on the more expensive clothes in the Region.

3.Market Potential:
Woven clothes are demanded by both urban and rural people in many pars of the Region because of their cheap price and for their durability. There will be also the possibility of selling the products to other regions, and even for foreign visitors (tourists).

Sources of row Materials: The raw materials from which weaving threads are produced vary from animal fibers such as wool, mohair, camel hair, rabbit hair etc., to vegetable fibers such as cotton, wood and leaf, fibers such as flax hemp jute, etc. Most of these raw materials are available in many part of the Amharic Region.

Production Process and Technology: The basic process of weaving consists of passing the filling threads alternately over and under the warp threads. More advanced weaving work on large piece is done by using the treadle loom, a large and fairly expensive, machine that holds long warp threads and can make quick and complicated changes in the placement of these threads to allow for many patterns.

6.Estimated Investment Cost:
The setting of the Weaving Plant will require a minimum area of 400m2, the cost of which will be about Birr 1,600,000. The cost of equipment many be about Birr 2,000,000. Hence, the estimated total investment cost will be about Birr 3,600,000.

It meets the clothing needs of the low income groups in the Region. It creates employment opportunity. It Generates earnings for the investors as profit, generates revenue for the Regional State in the form of income tax and VAT.

Combolcha, Bahir Dar, Desie, Gondar, possibly in small towns.