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Production of Chemically Treated Wood Poles

1.         Product Description:   Wooden poles are used to make temporary partitions, stadiums, tents, electric poles, etc.  They are made of young hard wood, having diameter of 16-10 inches and of length varying from 3 meters to meters.  They may or may not have metal strips round them.


2.         Rationale:  Wood poles are needed for different uses.  They are used as basic structural materials in the construction of wood houses; they are used as fences, electric poles.  The commercial production of wood poles is necessary to assist the development of the construction industry; it will also help the development of forests.


3.         Market Potential:  Though wood poles are widely used for different purposes in the Amhara Region, they are not chemically treated.  As a result, most wood poles deteriorate within a short period of time, thereby affecting (shortening) the service life of the object for which the wood poles are used to construct.  So far chemical treatment of wood poles has not started in the Region; and every wood pole is put to use in its raw form which makes it service life short.  With all the different uses, that wood pole is put into use, any process that will increase the life of the wood pole will be of great help to the economy.


4.         Source of Raw Material:  Localities where there are natural and man-made forests.


5.         Process & Technology:  Trees are cut from natural or man-made forests.  First they are freed from the branches and the pole is debarked.  Then they are cut to the specified length and are given a treatment with copper sulphate solution.  The poles are put in the treatment solution for about 23-30 days and dried in shade and stacked.  Machinery required are circular saw and hand tools.


6.         Estimated Investment:  For treating 100 poles per day, the investment requirement will be

§  Building/Shade                    Birr 20,000

§  Machinery                            Birr 20,000

§  Working Capital                   Birr 10,000



7.         Benefits:-  improves the service life of wood poles and the objects which are made from wood poles, introduces new skills and technology, better utilization of the Region’s natural resources.


8.         Location:-  Localities where there are natural and man-made forests.