Banana Chips


Chips are the most popular variety of snacks and they are consumed round the year by people of all age groups from all income segments. Potato chips are more popular than banana chips but banana chips have a special category of consumers and they are preferred by many. Competition is not as fierce as in case of potato chips.

Raw materials for banana chips

Banana chips are made from unripe bananas. Chips or wafers are crispy, salty or spicy and consumers prefer fresh quality. Since they are made from banana, they have nutritious values as well. The product needs to be packed in transparent polythene bags.The most important raw material will be fully grown but unripe bananas. Edible oil, salt and spices shall also be required in small quantity and can be easily procured. Printed polythene bags along with corrugated boxes shall be required for packing for which prior arrangements must be made.

Processing steps

NB: Processing Needs health safety standard

Damaged or ripe bananas are taken out during inspection and only good quality unripe bananas are washed in water. Then they are peeled
and trimmed before slicing or cutting them in the required size. Then they are washed in boiled water and dried. Dried pieces are deep fried and then either salt or spices or both are applied on them. After cooling, they are packed. The process and weight loss is in the range of 15% to 20%.The process flow chart is as under.

Equipments for Banana chip

1. Banana Peeling machine; One
2. Fruit washing tanks, volume depends on scale of production
3. Slicer, Two minimum
4. Stove
5. Frying pans
5. Utensils, water holders etc.
6. Weighing scales, plastic bags sealing mechanism (candle fire)