Computer Centers


The computer has grown to become essential in the operations of business, government, the military, engineering and research. It has also demonstrated itself, especially in recent years, to be very powerful tool in design and manufacturing. Through WEB enabled service we can meet any corner of the world from the work station instantly and we can display our products or service through web enabled services as marketing. It is essentially a web site to be developed and managed (for alterations of activity). It is a system interface with the outside

The work station must accomplish the following functions:
  1. It must interface with the Web Server.
  2. It must generate queries and answer for some, collect feed back, etc.
  3. It must provide digital descriptions of the activity.
  4. It must facilitate communication between user and the system.
  5. Besides the necessary and essential software, the system consists of a graphic software, operator to give reply, input devices, printers, etc.


In addition to the individual professional companies in the field of design for their own website. The entrepreneurs have scope to develop the website for small scale industries, educational institution, hospitals, etc. and also to maintain and updating it with time scale. Now the
marketing through the Web enabled service are become the integral part of marketing strategy and some time it leads the market. The industrial establishments, government agencies and research organizations are now a days searching their requirement in the website, since it is faster, simple, easier and complete details are also available.

Process of Manufacture:

Process of the Web site development is basically developing the user requirement from various graphical software and interlinking various activities. After development validation of the software is the essential activity before marketed.

These development can be simplified into four functional areas:
a. Geometric modeling.
b. Engineering analysis.
c. Design review and evaluation.
d. Automated drafting.

The design process involves recognition of need, problem definition, synthesis, geometry modeling, analysis and Optimization, engineering analysis, evaluation, design review and evaluation, automatic drafting and presentation. The software’s used for web site development also of 3 categories.


  1. Graphic/DTP Software’s.
  2. Application/program Software’s.
  3. Data Base management software’s.

In each category plenty of software’s are available and web site developer has to select the software before design. Since the process for each development is differs.

Estimated Investment and other details
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Moges Ashagrie,
May 4, 2011, 11:45 AM