Oil Mill

Edible oil is the major elements of our meals and every person uses of various edibles oils in food every day in one or the other form. There are mainly two methods of extracting oil from the seeds> Expelling method and solvent extraction method. Boiler and steam kettleis quite important if oil has to be extracted out of ground nuts cotton seeds, soybean and castor seeds. The quanitty of oil would increase by 2%.


There is ever green demand for oil . Because every house holds and hotel use the oil every day in food items like curries and biryanies etc. Since it is a consumer product the market is growing.


Expeller is used to extract oil out of oilseeds.expeller of varying capacity are available in markets ranging from 30 Kgs to 300 Kgs per hour.Filter pres is used for filtering the oil extracted out of oilseeds> the use of filter press would be relevant only if the entrepreneur himself extracts the oilfrom the seeds and sells it himself.But if the enterprenuer wants to extract oilon the basis of job work,he would not require filter press.

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Moges Ashagrie,
May 4, 2011, 11:50 AM